Environmental measures

Beautiful country side and nature it self are an inextricable part of Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort. They make it what it is and we are well aware that taking care of them is an absolute priority. To that end, a number of initiatives designed to conserve nature and reduce environmental impact were put in place right from the outset of the project.

Firstly, a research project is being carried out over several years with the University of Almería into the conservation of a native species of sea lavender (Limonium estevei), which is found in a protected area of the resort; as part of the collaboration project with the University, each and every one of these plants found outside the protected area was transplanted. Prior to the start of the works, spur-thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca), fan palms, olive and carob trees were also relocated. During the urban development and construction works, strict environmental monitoring procedures have been implemented, via air and noise pollution monitoring stations.

All works are carefully supervised to ensure that environmental best practices are complied with. Amongst its environmental protection measures, Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort has its own waste water treatment plant that will treat all the waste water produced by the resort. The plant features the latest biomembrane technology, producing recycled water ideal for watering the golf course and green areas.

Insofar as power is concerned, in addition to the planned installation of solar panels to produce solar power, all homes and the hotel have been designed to incorporate advanced energy saving and efficiency mechanisms.

A unique development inspired by nature

Travellers arriving at Playa Macenas will discover an area of extraordinary natural beauty. An imposing and abrupt mountain range looms over the sparkling blue sea Myriad different tones of rock and vegetation A wide expanse of bright clear sky furrowed only by a few solitary birds.This extraordinarily beautiful natural setting will not fail to awaken your senses and stir your emotions. It is this natural beauty that provides the inspiration behind the development.

Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort has been designed using an integrated approach, with a clear commitment to respecting nature and the surroundings. To this end, the latest construction methods and sound environmental protection measures have been used, taking into consideration the fact that the neighbouring Cabo de Gata Natural Park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1997. The innovative concept of a residential community that we have developed means that we seek to create a sense of balance between homes, facilities and the countryside to create a setting where man and nature coexist in harmony.

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