Mojácar is not just about relaxing on the beach. For those who enjoy active pursuits there is wide variety of sports on offer all year round, thanks to the regions mild microclimate.

With numerous golf courses and clubs close by, high quality facilities and the superb climate, this area is an ideal destination for golfers.

Another of the areas highlights is the sea itself and all the opportunities it offers. You could go sea fishing, water skiing, wind-surfing, sailing or jet skiing. Or why not discover the beauty of the underwater world scuba diving, or go on a boat trip?

If you like being by the sea but fancy something on dry land, many beaches offer specially designated areas for volleyball, football or table tennis.

You could also explore the local countryside by foot, horse-back or quad along all manner of mountain roads and trails.

     Sun and Sand

Mojácars 17km of coastline offers beaches for all tastes.

The El Descargador, El Cantal or Cueva del Lobo beaches are part of what is known as Mojácar Beach and are located in areas offering a wide array of services such as restaurants and beach bars, leisure activities etc.

For those in search of a less frequented option, the beaches between Macenas Castle, which was built right next to the beach in the 18th century, and La Granatilla on the border with Carboneras are a good choice. Here you will be able to discover Mojácars most unspoilt stretch of coastline.

One of the finest beaches is, undoubtedly, Playa Macenas, due to its size and natural beauty.

The next beach along is El Sombrerico, which can be reached on foot or by car along a dirt track. Further south, from Cala Bordenares to Cala Granatilla, there are more beautiful natural beaches, perfect for diving and snorkelling.



The typical gastronomy in this area is simple, honest fare. Seafood and traditional dishes from the interior both feature, with a strong Arabic influence, full-bodied flavours and aromas.

Local seafood specialities include pearly razorfish, sea bream, grouper, St. Peters fish and all kinds of shellfish. Fish is usually prepared in a soup or on the griddle to bring out the full flavour.

From the land you will find game and farmed meat, home-style sausages and cured meats complemented by fresh local vegetables.

Be sure to try traditional favourites such as Salpicón de Marisco (a seafood salad), Ajo  Colorao (creamy potato and pepper soup seasoned with garlic and cumin), Pollo a la Mojaquera (Mojácar style chicken), Pelotas (meatballs) or Migas  Cortijeras (breadcrumbs sautéed with chunks of cured pork and garlic).

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